Leopolda Manifatture Artigiane, we weave two yarns: one of commitment, patient and quiet, and the other of imagination, cheerful and light-hearted. Two twisted and winded yarns, which start telling Leopolda’s story.

And there it starts off by weaving Cashmere with fine lines, yarns of great value, calmly chosen with warmth and softness in mind, with simplicity in mind. Manufacturing is manual so that it is refined and accurate, sewing item by item.

Afterwards colour and elegance are added, creations with combinations of colours, blending style and nuance: soft and thin round-necked pullovers, V-necks and cardigans in cashmere silk or Silk Cotton Overs to match with the Nuvola stole. Extremely warm and light articles.

With Poetry and Creativity we find Printed stoles or navette cut fabrics with maker’s mark selvage, cashmere embellished with silk or made extra-fine by Modal. In a constant search between weaving, size, wearability and innovation. From Digitali stoles to the most fashionable Capes, the choice of clothing is vast for you to give as a gift or treat yourself.

Care for our customers, just as the quality of our products, is a point of honour  of this company, run in a young and dynamic way.